What are the tower's business hours and fees?

Business hours are from 9:30 to 22:00 (last admission 21:30), but this may be changed depending on the events such as New Year's Day, Tanabata and Christmas Day. There are also discounts such as "group fees (over 25 people)" etc. For details, please see the BUSINESS HOURS / FEES page.BUSINESS HOURS & FEES

How can I get to Fukuoka Tower?

Please see the ACCESS page.ACCESS

Is there a place where I can eat?

There are restaurants on the 1st floor and the 4th floor observation deck (120m). For details, please see the "FLOOR GUIDE" page.FLOOR GUIDE

Is it possible to bring food and drinks?

Please note that we do not allow food or drinks into the observation deck.

Is it possible to re-enter to the observation deck?

Re-entry is not permitted.

Is there Wi-Fi available?

Fukuoka city free public wireless LAN service "Fukuoka City Wi-Fi" is available inside the building.
Available places: Observation deck (3rd floor and 5th floor), Sky Lounge Refuge and entrance hall on the 1st floor

How can I get to the observation deck? Which floor should I get off at?

The staff in the elevator will guide you to the top floor. Please come to the elevator hall after purchasing your ticket.

I would like to go to the Sky Lounge Refuge. Do I need a ticket?

Tickets are also required for use of the Sky Lounge Refuge. To get to Refuge, please come downstairs from the top floor.

Please tell me how to get to Momochihama.

Take the north exit from Fukuoka Tower and go up the stars that you will see in front and you will get to the ocean. You can not enter to the wedding hall.

What time is the illumination from?

Please see the light up information.LIGHT UP

Where can I see the illumination from?

You can see it more beautifully from spots which are a little further away from the tower.
*Please note that it cannot be seen from the ocean side.LIGHT UP

Is there a limit to the length of stay in the observation deck?

There is no time limit.

When is it closed?

Monday and Tuesday of the last week of June each year it will be closed for 2 days (In the case that Tuesday is in July in any year, Monday and Tuesday of the previous week will be closed instead)

Is there a toilet on the observation deck?

There is no toilet on the observation deck. Please use the entrance hall toilet on the first floor in advance (However, there is a toilet on the 120m 4th floor lounge, so customers who use the lounge can use that).

Is there a parking? How much does it cost?

Yes. There are two parking lots, Daiichi car park and Daini car park with a capacity for up to 87 cars. Parking fee is free up to 2 hours if you are visitors to Fukuoka Tower or spend more than 1,000 yen at the shops there. A fee will be charged after 2 hours. Please show your "parking ticket" at ticket sales counter. For details, please see the ACCESS page.ACCESS

Are there coin lockers?

These are located on the 1st floor entrance hall. The sizes are:
Small size: length 40 cm × width 40 cm × depth 40 cm /100yen
Large size: length 54 cm × width 40 cm × depth 40 cm /200 yen

What time does the souvenir shop open till?

HAKATA DENYA souvenir shop's business hours are 9:30 to 19:00.Shop & Service

How long does it take to look around the tower?

It depends on the number of people and how crowded it is on the day, but it is generally 30 to 40 minutes.

Is there a place to smoke cigarettes?

All spaces are non-smoking including the observation deck. When you smoke, please use the smoking area located near the entrance on the north and south side.

Can I use my credit card or foreign currency notes?

Sorry but neither of these are acceptable at the Fukuoka Tower ticket sales counter. However you can use your credit card at "HAKATA DENYA" "Renga Club" "Sky Lounge Refuge" and "Seven Eleven".

Can I borrow a stroller?

No. We do not lend strollers.

Is there a place to change diapers or to breastfeed?

There is a first-aid room so you can use the room. Please ask staff at the ticket sales counter or elevator.

Does the floor of the observation deck rotate?

No, it does not.