Observation Deck

This is the main floor where you can enjoy the sky. The expansive
360-degree panoramic view spreads out over the blue sea,
green mountains, and sparkling cityscape.

Fukuoka Tower is proudly the tallest seaside tower in Japan at a height of 234m. From the observation deck on the top floor, located 123 meters above the ground, you can overlook Fukuoka's cityscape and Hakata Bay etc, with a 360-degree panoramic view.
In the east, there is a view of the central city, and you can see areas such as Hakata Station and Tenjin which is the biggest shopping district in Kyushu. In the west, the view of the yacht harbor and waterfront area of Kaihin Park spreads out. In the south, there is a town view that once received the Asian Townscape Award and the lush green Sefuri Mountains behind it. Beyond Hakata Bay towards the north, you can observe the horizon where the sky and ocean merges, and this offers a feeling of freedom which you cannot feel from the view on the ground.

Only seaside towers can offer such a magnificent view where the blue sky and ocean merges.

VR experience at 123 meters above ground! As if flying in the sky!
SKY Walk 123 steps (VR binoculars)

Marvelous night view spot surrounded by gorgeous illuminations.

Dramatic view that changes from the sunset to night sky with lots of stars.

The ocean turns a beautiful orange color at sunset. As the sky gradually gets dark, you will see the car lights on the city expressways. You can enjoy different views at this time of day with one visit. This precious beauty is available only for a limited time.

Viewing, Experiencing and Getting Surprised.
The entertainment floor where visitors can enjoy many things up in the sky of Fukuoka.

Sky Gacha. Get a present from a sky.

Fortune Telling Pin Ball. Face to the sky and try your luck!

A heart shaped photo spot where couples can take photos against a background of the scenery of Fukuoka. When the couple presses a switch, the heart will light up.

"Legend of Love Locks" for eternal love

Do you know that there is a legend concerning Fukuoka Tower's observation deck that when couples lock Fukuoka Tower's original "love locks" on a fence they can have eternal love? You can write both names, date and messages on the "love locks". A lot of couples are visiting here every day.

Love Lock 1,000yen (including tax)

◆Notes when attaching love locks to the fence◆

* Please remember that the love locks will not open once they are locked.
* We do not accept any request for returning of love locks.
* Please do not attach anything other than love locks (other locks, five-yen coins and rings etc.) Things other than love locks will be removed and disposed of.
* Please attach the love locks on the shaft of the fence. Any locks attached to parts other than the shaft (heart part / poles etc.) will be relocated.
* The love locks will be removed and dedicated to the shrine 2 years after attachment.
Also, please understand that the attached locks can not be returned.