Lover’s Sanctuary

Fukuoka Tower is a popular spot for couples. This area offers you a romantic atmosphere which is perfect for dating.

At the Lover's Sanctuary, there is a heart shaped flower arch with "100 flowers". When couples hold hands, stand inside and touch a switch, lights turn on and a benedictional bell rings. There is a camera stand for taking photos for your memory.

Your love grows deeper

  • At a corner where you can see the 180-degrees grand view, there are two pillars on which love words from 100 different countries are written such as "愛 (Japanese)" "Love (English)" and "Amore (Italian)" etc. This is a perfect space for couples to express their love.

  • Why don't you sit down on the flower glass bench and spend an unforgettable time in the romantic space?

  • "When you stand in the center and send your wish in the direction of the person you like, your wish will reach the person…" This mysterious rumor has spread among high school girls and it became known as the Lover's Compass.

  • You can enjoy a beautiful lighting performance with 100 projected hearts.

"Legend of Love Locks" for eternal love

Do you know that there is a legend concerning Fukuoka Tower's observation deck that when couples lock Fukuoka Tower's original "love locks" on a fence they can have eternal love? You can write both names, date and messages on the "love locks". A lot of couples are visiting here every day.

Love Lock 1,000yen (including tax)

◆ Notes when attaching love locks to the fence ◆

* Please remember that the love locks will not open once they are locked.
* We do not accept any request for returning of love locks.
* Please do not attach anything other than love locks (other locks, five-yen coins and rings etc.) Things other than love locks will be removed and disposed of.
* Please attach the love locks on the shaft of the fence. Any locks attached to parts other than the shaft (heart part / poles etc.) will be relocated.
* The love locks will be removed and dedicated to the shrine 2 years after attachment.
Also, please understand that the attached locks can not be returned.