About traffic regulation with "Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA 2019" holding and temporary closing of Fukuoka Tower private parking lot

Jul 17, 2019

Traffic regulations will be implemented as follows along the fireworks display that will be held at Seaside Momochi Beach Park this summer on the Fukuoka Tower and surrounding roads.
In conjunction with this, in the parking lot of this tower, "the first parking lot will be closed at 18:00" and "the second parking lot will be closed all day", so please be careful when you visit us etc. Thank you in advance.

【Overview of Traffic Regulations】

Date: August 8, 2019 (Thursday) 18: 30-22: 00
Place: Around Fukuoka Tower
※ On the day, Fukuoka Tower No.1 Parking lot is closed at 18:00 (Second parking lot is closed all day)
In addition, as congestion is expected in the tower building on the day, there may be cases where we will carry out "access restrictions to the observation room" depending on the situation. Please note.

"Fireworks Fantasia Fukuoka 2019" HP is here