Introduction to FUKUOKA TOWER

Fukuoka Tower was built as a monument of the "Asia Pacific Expo (YOKATOPIA)" held in 1989 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Fukuoka city's establishment of a municipal system. It is proudly the tallest seaside tower in Japan at a height of 234m. People sometimes call the tower "Mirror Sail" as it has a refined outward appearance of the triangle prism that is covered with 8,000 one-way mirrors.
The view from the observation deck on the top floor located 123 meters high above the ground is particularly special. You can overlook Fukuoka's cityscape and ocean with a 360-degree panoramic view.

Company NameFukuoka Tower Co., Ltd.
Address2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

Take a Look at Fukuoka Tower's Numbers!

  • Fukuoka Tower is built to withstand an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7.The largest earthquake in Fukuoka had a seismic intensity of a lower 6

    Rest assured, Fukuoka Tower is durable!

  • From base to tip, Fukuoka Tower is 234 meters tall, which is the tallest seaside tower in all of
    Japan. The tower is symbolic of Fukuoka City and loved by its residents.

  • Fukuoka Tower is built to withstand winds as strong as 63m/second,
    but the strongest instantaneous wind speed ever recorded in Fukuoka was 49m/second.
    The strong ocean winds are no match for Fukuoka Tower!

  • Fukuoka Tower is often referred to as the “Mirror Sail”.
    Made with 8,000 one-way mirrors the triangle tower is a sail of glimmering mirrors.

  • The top floor of the observation deck is 123 meters above ground. Enjoy the amazing panoramic view of Fukuoka’s cityscape, Hakata Bay, and the Sefuri Mountain range!

  • The underground foundation of Fukuoka Tower weighs 25,000 tons but the portion of the tower above ground only weights 3,500 tons!
    Because Fukuoka Tower is very bottom-heavy, there is no doubt about its structural stability.