• AMarizon2 minutes on foot from the tower

    You can enjoy Mediterranean resort-like atmosphere near the central city.

    Marizon is a stylish waterfront facility. There is a white chapel where couples can have their weddings on the ocean, and also a café, restaurant, bar and marine sports goods shop. At the restaurant facing to the ocean, you can enjoy not only meals but also the wonderful view. This place is lit up from twilight so that you can enjoy a very romantic atmosphere at night time. The high-speed ferry terminal of the Uminaka Line is also located there. It takes about 20 minutes to travel to the popular tourist spot "Umino Nakamichi".
  • BMomochi Seaside Park1 minute on foot from the tower

    A place where you can refresh your mind by the sea breeze

    A beachfront park located closest to the city central. The park spreads along Hakata Bay. Throughout the year, local families and tourists visit for having relaxing time on the beach. Especially in summer, a lot of people enjoy swimming and beach sports! Playing with waves and sand and running around on the beach etc. There are a lot of smiles on children's faces. It is also good for dating for couples. After enjoying the daytime with open atmosphere, you'd better to stay till sunset. You will see the exceptional sunset view that the sun sets in a mountain while coloring the ocean in madder red.
  • CFukuoka City Museum5 minutes on foot from the tower

    Famous Golden Seal on exhibit

    A national treasure, Golden Seal of Kanno Wano Nano Kokuo, which was excavated in Shikano-shima Island in Fukuoka city Higashi ward, and one of the Three Great Spears of Japan, Nihongou, etc. are exhibited. You can learn more about Fukuoka's history. The Golden Seal that is on permanent exhibit has a great historical value, so it is worth seeing! Also, free rental tablets are available, and even children and people who are not interested in history can enjoy the exhibition with the devices.
  • DFukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center7 minutes on foot from the tower

    Let's learn how to protect ourselves from disasters with the simulated experience!

    This is a place where you can acquire knowledge and skills to protect yourself from various disasters through realistic virtual experiences of earthquakes, strong winds and fires. You can have shocking experiences of earthquakes at maximum intensity 7 and wind speeds at 30 meters per second, with which you can not even keep standing without holding onto a handrail. Also you can learn how to use a fire extinguisher while looking at a virtual fire. There is a real fire helicopter on exhibit and an actual fire station is located next to the center.
  • EFukuoka Yafuoku! Dome14 minutes on foot from the tower

    Popular backstage tour and experience-based activities!

    Along with Fukuoka Tower, this is another landmark of the bay area in Fukuoka City. The modern dome stadium is a home ground of the Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS. People enjoy watching baseball games when they are played on. In addition to this, there is a Yafuoku Dome Tour with which you will be guided into the backstage area where usually only players and authorized people can enter. At "Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum", there are activities that allow you to measure the ball speed of your pitching and the swing speed of batting, and it is very popular among children! Your measurement results can be compared with ones of top-ranking professional players.
  • FMarinoa City FUKUOKA10 minutes by car from the tower

    Enjoy shopping on the seaside

    An outlet mall with a number of fashion & interior shops. It is popular not only for the local people but also for the people from all areas of Kyusyu. As it is located on the waterfront with views of the ocean and yacht harbor, the whole shopping mall is filled with an open atmosphere. You can not only enjoy shopping but also spend a relaxing time on the wooden deck while looking at the ocean. Even if children get bored of their parents' shopping, don't worry! There is a large Ferris wheel 60 meters tall and indoor amusement facilities to entertain the children.